Born into a culture where Classical music played very little to no part at all, my love for this music and eventual obsessive pursuit of it, was a journey, very much into the unknown, both mentally and practically. I simply had no path to follow!

That journey, was by no means only my own, music infected the whole house! My parents Duaibis and Maha who are not musicians, felt compelled to change that reality for younger generations, step by step and with very little outside support they have managed to do that!  My violinist brother Nabeel has also devoted himself entirely to this work.

There are now hundreds of children and youngsters playing instruments on various levels, some winning first prizes at top youth competitions in Israel.

My work with the these young musicians is tremendously rewarding and meaningful to me – constantly going back to play, teach and pass on whatever experience I have gathered.

I am delighted that the culmination of this work can be seen in the founding of the Galilee Chamber Orchestra, which brings together the best students alongside their teachers and some of the best young players in Israel.  The Orchestra provides both a professional and social context for these young musicians in a very similar vein to the Simon Bolivar Orchestra in Venezuela.  I am very proud to play with, conduct and lead this Orchestra several weeks a season – seldom does musical and personal fulfillment come so beautifully together.